“So God Sent His Son”

God looked down and saw the hopeless plight of humanity, we had forsaken God in pursuit of our own lust and our own intentions, only to experience shame and regret from our failed attempts at playing God. So God said, “I need someone who knows how to sow coverings for their sin & shame. Someone who will speak over the voice of every lying serpent, and who can resist every temptation and every weak moment and declare “NOT MY WILL BUT YOURS BE DONE”
—> So God sent His Son

God looked down and saw his people in bondage and in chains. He heard their cries and their prayers. So God said, “I am going to send a chain breaker. I am going to send a deliverer who will respond to the cries of my children. Who delivers them from chains of bondage, hopelessness, and addiction; From dark caves of depression and emptiness. Who can part every sea that stands in their path and Declare “I am Yahweh, The God who always has your BACK”
—> So God sent His Son

God looked down and said, “I need a messenger to speak my word. A man who isn’t afraid to stand before evil Kings & Governors and say “I am the way, the truth & the life.” Who speaks with power and boldness and isn’t afraid to speak God’s truth. Who stands down every false god & prophet and with his voice can call down rain, even when there is only a cloud the size of a man’s hand.
—> So God sent His Son

God looked down and said, “I need an 11th hour Savior.” Who is consumed with love and compassion. Who isn’t afraid to meet you in a fiery furnace or in a lion’s den, to let you know I AM WITH YOU IN DARK PLACES. Even when you cause your own chaos, and inflict your own pain, and your own suffering, they need someone who will always offer a second chance, even when they don’t deserve it.
—> So God sent His Son

God said, “They need an overcomer, who has no skeletons in the closet, no imperfection and yet was tempted in every way. They need a spotless lamb, but with the strength to slay every Goliath. Someone who can stare death in the eye and not bat an eyelash. Somebody who doesn’t sleep nor slumber, but prays so intensely He sweat drops of blood in Gardens at midnight.
—> So God sent His Son

God said, “I need a water walker.” When everyone is screaming in fear, He walks on top of the white water swells and with His voice tells the weather channel what’s up. Even when the waves of life violently beat on the boat and it’s so dark you can’t even see your own hand, they need a man with faith that is so strong that it can’t be shaken and a love so deep that it will catch every slipping soul who reaches out like a drowning man.
—> So God sent His Son

God said, “I need a restorer.” Who will go after every lost renegade son and daughter. Who will remind the world that every life is precious. No matter how far they’ve fallen, no matter what they’ve squandered, no matter what pig’s pen they wake up in, they are still my children.
I need someone who can throw a party for every prodigal. Who can light a grill & kill the fatted calf. And who will cover the dirt and the smell of their past with his own robe of righteousness. Who will leave the 99 to go after that one lost broken soul.
—> So God sent His Son

THEN ON THE 3RD DAY, God said “I need a grave robber.” Someone who’s back is broad enough to be whipped 40 times. Who can be beaten and Mocked and nailed to a rugged cross, but look His abusers in the face, and with compassion and say, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”
Someone who allowed His body to be torn apart beyond recognition and then placed in a borrowed tomb.
—> So God sent His Son

God said, “I need a morning person,” who will wake up when it’s still dark on Sunday morning and stretch a little and then roll His own stone away.
Someone who will walk into the octagon of HELL and with power and authority strike Death its first and final blow. God said, “I need a hero, a conqueror who snatched the keys of death & Hell, and declare theirs a new sheriff in town.”

The one who will give you beauty for ashes.
The one who breaks every chain.
The one who reigns down mercy to the fallen.
The one who restores dead dreams, for His Glory.
The one who makes every crooked place straight.
The one who took your place on the cross and declares “WHO THE SON SETS FREE IS FREE INDEED”