Healing School Graduate Cecilia Jones Ramseur’s Testimony

Good morning church, I’m going to give two testimonies today

I’d like to give all glory and honor to God through Christ Jesus, and all praises belong to him.

During super bowl week in February my brother Leonard went into hospital for a simple test. He was having difficulty swallowing, unexpectically while under Anastasia his heart stopped with loss of oxygen to his brain he ended up on life support. I was than told that I should start preparing funeral arrangement. While at the same time my test result came back and the report was cancer and that I would need surgery and possible chemo treatment. “NOW THE BATTLE BEGINS”

Being armed with the WORD OF GOD and FAITH in his PROMISES of HEALING, and that I was entitle to all the rights and privileges in the kingdom of GOD, and one of these rights is HEALTH and HEALING. I felt that I was prepared to FIGHT! I started shore Christian center healing school under the direction of Rick and Sandi Hankins in November of last year. Never realizing that I was in training and would have to use what I had heard and confirmed to take authority over our lives, health and healing.

So many prayers went up for Leonard and myself. While I put my faith into action by continually speaking healing and a speedy recovery according to (ISH:58-8) on April 10, I had surgery, my recovery time was expected to be 3 to 6 weeks! Within 3 days of the surgery I was up walking, up and down stair while doing minor things around the house, when my nurse came over she was surprise to see that I was up moving around so soon after surgery and in good spirits. My follow up appointment with my doctor the following week came with this large smile on his face “SUCCESS CANCER FREE” No further treatment. My brother through prayer and support is up responding, recovering and sometimes getting on people nerves, in other words he still in rehab but doing great PRAISE GOD.

If I could give a suggestion it would be this. Everyone should take this excellent healing course, it was so beneficial, in fact a life saver, you can never tell when your health would come under attack. I went for a physical every year on schedule and my diagnosis was a surprise to my doctor as well as myself. I thank God for his healing power and his promise that his word shall not return unto him void.


Cecilia Jones Ramseur