Healing School Graduate Renee Sibilia’s Testimony

I know everyone has heard someone say “there is nothing left to do but pray.” But, the healing school definitely taught me to have prayer as a first resort. It is often the scriptures we learned in the healing school that come to mind.

Since the healing school many friends and family members have called me to pray for them. But the one story that comes to mind is about something that happened to me a few weeks ago. I also have been teaching Helena (my young daughter) that prayer is a first resort. When she is scared or hurt that is often the first thing we do.

A few weeks ago I hurt my upper back so bad I could hardly move. I don’t even know what happened. It started out gradually and by the evening I was crying I was in so much pain and my husband had to help me get into bed. When I was in bed I just couldn’t get comfortable and every time I tried to move it hurt even worse. I just wasn’t even thinking. Helena came in the bedroom and she said, “don’t worry, mommy, Jesus will help you feel better.” Well what do you know that reminded me I should pray. So we prayed right then according to Isaiah 53 and two hours later my back was healed. It was like nothing ever happened to it. Praise the Lord!!.

Renee Sibilia