Healing School Graduate Rosi Kniffin’s Testimony

I attended healing school hoping to learn more about what the Bible says about healing and how to make that a part of my life…. it changed my life. I meet two people who live healing, it is not knowledge learned but a way of life. The scriptures are alive in their spirits and you very quickly understand that God’s words have strength and power when spoken with depth of knowledge and understanding… all things are possible !!

We, the students, prayed and shared with wonder and awe at the power of God, as our confidence and understanding grew our teachers smiled, encouraged, and continued to show us more and more of the Word and how to make it our own.

We shared physical healings, emotional healings, answers to prayers and developed a foundation of trust in ourselves through God’s word we had never before experienced.

It was a process, begun with teachers who truly want us to know the power of God in our lives for healing and so much more. A life changer for sure!