Our Mission

body of christ

Developing great faith and love in people, to build a great church to fulfill the great commission.


  1. We are here to win people to Christ.
  2. We are here to renew the mind from the negative to the positive, from the mediocre to the excellent, from the status quo to a dominion mindset through the Word of God.
  3. We are here to be relevant to our culture showing by our lifestyle how the Christian faith transforms every facet of life including education, media, the arts and sports.
  4. We are here to be faithful to God, His church, family, employer, pastor and friends to demonstrate a diligent work ethic and covenantal loyalty.
  5. We are here to serve our generation with a model of dependability and truth creating a dynamic alternative from the society around us based on the principles from the Word of God and a life lived in Christ through the Holy Spirit.