The Vision of Shore Christian Center Church


Pastor Dewey Friedel

In 1975 God gave me a vision. It gripped me then and still motivates me now. In essence the purpose of Shore Christian Center is to become a model of Christian life, a model of people walking together in love in the purposes of God, in Kingdom, covenant, and faith:

  • With believers growing together in faith, exhibiting covenantal loyalty and love, and extending the Kingdom of God on this earth, we will bring life to the lost and to those in need.
  • With strong faith and a genuine heart of love and service, the Church (SCC) becomes God’s vehicle to make disciples of all nations and to extend the reign of our Lord to every sphere of life, including: education, recreation, business, the arts, sports, medicine, the media, entertainment, politics and government.
  • With God’s love in our hearts, His Word on our lips, and with the power of His Holy Spirit within us, we become the joint ruling heirs of the Lord Jesus Christ as we take dominion of the Lord’s earth, and as we walk in the victory He has called us, His Church, to walk in.

Visualize with me a Shore Christian Center as God sees her, a multipurpose complex including the following ministries:

  1. A K-12th grade school offering quality education and training for future generations in the truth of God’s Word. Where God’s Word, God’s love, and God’s name will be loudly proclaimed and the true history of this nation under God will be taught. Where children and teens will be taught with love and excellence, not only the best academic disciplines, but also the foundations of the faith. Where children and teens will be prepared to carry out their God given destiny in life.
  2. A Bible College and School of the Bible teaching and expounding on the whole counsel of God as presented in His holy Word. Preparing disciples for world-wide ministry, and equipping them to bring God back into the government, the media, and the educational systems of this land, and back into the courts.
  3. A Spirit-filled Healing, Counseling, and Discipleship Center where those who are broken emotionally, physically afflicted, or slaves to bondage and addiction, will find healing and restoration.
  4. Homes for unwed mothers and home placement services for mothers and families in need.
  5. Homes for victimized boys and girls, without families who can care for them, to give them hope and a future in Christ.
  6. A Sanctuary and 24 hour worship center where the Word of God can be taught and the congregation can assemble to worship and praise God.
  7. A Business Center to train entrepreneurs and to encourage development of new businesses to provide jobs for those in need.
  8. A Media Center for television, radio, and film, to take the truth of God’s Word and the message of the Gospel to all parts of this nation and to the world.
  9. A Family Life Center providing facilities for recreation, sports and entertainment, where members and families of the Church can come and enjoy fellowship, and a wide range of educational, sports, recreational and evangelical activities.
  10. A Food and Clothing ministry with food trucks, and food and clothing pantries, and outreaches to help feed and clothe the needy to provide some of the basic necessities of life.
  11. A Missions Center to coordinate and develop nationwide and overseas missions, including the establishment of God-centered schools, orphanages, hospitals, and vocational and spiritual training centers.

This is all possible if we dream God’s dream and if we seek His Kingdom first. It remains to be seen how much God can use, and how much God can do through a church of totally committed individuals, and through a group of totally committed churches, to advance His Kingdom on this earth. Let us be a church that allows God to do that.

When God gave me the privilege to see His heart and will in 1975 it was evident that a day would come when His Multipurpose Centers would emerge all over our great country. God’s heart is for every person, every man, every woman, ever teen, and every child. And it is His will to have Multipurpose Centers of Kingdom life and Kingdom service spring up from local churches who respond to His call in every state, every county, every city, and every town. If we yield ourselves to Him and give ourselves completely to His purposes, we will see an explosion of His Godly influence, and we will see His vision and His dream for Shore Christian Center come to pass. I invite you to embrace the vision and become a part of a life-giving church.